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We carry out frequent and thorough safety checks and practice rigorous cleaning and sanitizing processes using eco-friendly products.

Safe Sleep

All of our mattresses are bought from new. They're firm and correctly fit the cribs we supply. We inspect them before and after rentals to ensure they remain in top condition and free from holes, rips or stains. Mattresses are always used with a waterproof mattress protector, which is supplied as part of the rental package.

On return from rental, mattresses undergo extensive cleaning and sanitization. We vacuum them thoroughly, and the covers are washed with antibacterial laundry tablets.

We supply a range of products and sleep aids alongside our mattresses, and all should be used following safe sleep guidance from the AAP.

safe sleep


We use non-toxic, safe cleaning products to launder fabrics, and scrub clean any hard surfaces. We also use a steam cleaner which quickly kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, making it a safe, healthier, eco-friendly and an all-natural way to clean your baby gear! You can learn more below. 


Lastly, all of our rental products are thoroughly inspected after they are returned to us and before we send them back out. If an item is starting to show wear and tear we simply donate these items and buy new. We guarantee that all of our equipment is in great condition, if for some reason you are not satisfied we ask that you please contact us immediately so that we can alleviate your concern.

Drying and re-assembly

Before delivery, all equipment undergoes a safety review and further sanitization. Products are air dried, re-assembled and safety checked in line with manufacturers' guidelines. So you can be confident all products delivered to your door are thoroughly clean, safe, and ready to use.

car seat safety

Car Seat Safety

All of our car seats are cleaned by following manufacturer's specific guidelines.

For more information and guidance on ensuring your child's car seat is installed correctly, please visit NHTSA.

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